Friday, 2 May 2014

Number Two Hundred and Six: Birthday

Most people have a strong awareness of their own birthday even if they are not sure what it signifies.

Number Two Hundred and Five: Fig Leaf

A fig leaf has often been added to statues and other artwork if required by prevailing cultural standards. I am not sure what kind of glue is used.

Number Two Hundred and Four: Television Presenter

A common encounter on television is between a hyperactive television presenter and a dour ordinary human.

Number Two Hundred and Three: Vandals

Vandalism takes many forms and has a variety of motives, it is not very well understood. The vandals, an East Germanic tribe were not as destructive as their reputation suggests.

Number Two Hundred and Two: Sockets

All over the world people are busy inventing new sockets, cables, plugs and adaptors.